Basic Lice Facts

At Ditch The Itch, we believe education is the best method for prevention...  Here are some Lice facts:


  • Head lice are parasites that feed on human blood to live.


  • Head lice do not carry any illness or disease.


  • Head lice don't fly or jump, they crawl quickly through the hair.


  • A louse can survive up to 50 days on a person's head.


  • A louse can lay up to 12 eggs a day.


  • A louse can fertilize their own eggs.


  • Head lice cannot travel to other parts of your body.


  • Head lice are usually found behind the ears & the nape of the neck.


  • Head lice is not related to a person's hygene or their environment.


  • Head lice cannot live on your pet. 


  • Kids ages 3 to 11 get lice the most.


>> Over the counter lice treatments DO NOT kill healthy lice, nymphs or eggs.

Informational Links: 


Center for Disease Control, CDC Lice Information Website with valuable information regading lice, the different types, how to identify them and temporary remedies until you can reach professional help.


NASN School Guidelines are provided to help you understand the policies in place for most school districts and their handling of a case of Head Lice.


San Diego County Dept of Education has put out this informative online pamphlet to help give some additional backgorund on the origin & potential sources of contracting Head Lice.


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