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Treating Your Hair

4 Simple steps to become Lice Free


1) Each and every treatment begins with our trained  technician applying our Ditch the Itch exclusive plant based enzyme spray on the clients hair and scalp.


2) The technician will apply a white non tinted conditioner to detangle the hair for painless examination of the hair,  starting at the scalp, all the way to the end of each section of the hair.


3) The Ditch The Itch technician will comb out all the adult lice, nymphs and nits throughout the entire head. (this effective treatment technique effectively targets the whole life cycle of the louse at the same time.)


4) The Follow-Up treatment, performed no less than 4 days, and no more than 6 days after the 1st treeatment, either in our salon, by one of our trained technicians, or at home with one of our patented Home Treatment Kits (only available at the time of the 1st treatment). 


Ditch The Itch technicians will gladly show you all the live lice and eggs that have been removed during your treatment.

Treating Your Home

Once it is confirmed that lice have been found in your family, you will need to do the following:


You must wash your sheets, pajamas, clothing and towels in a hot wash and hot dry.  This will be done everyday until everyone in the house is completly lice free.


All mattresses, carpets, rugs, pillows, couches and all furnishings that are fabric should be vacumned daily.


All floors need to be swept daily for loose hairs.


All cars and car seats should be vacumned or cleaned daily with a lint roller for loose hairs. (If child car seat covers can be removed please do so as this is a better option to cleaning it.)


All brushes must be cleaned and set aside.  This can be done by either putting them in the dish washer on the top rack or boiling them in hot water for 20 minutes.  (During the treatment process please do not use a brush, we recommend using a wide toothed comb during the treatment process.)


Children should wear their hair pulled back during their treatment time as well as when they are going to be around other children.  And always keep a lice repellant on their hair.


It is also a good idea for the person cleaning to keep their hair pulled back to prevent reinfestation.


Exclusive Ditch The Itch Home & Furniture Spray and Daily Lice Repellant Spray are available for purchase from your Ditch the Itch techician.

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